S1-2250 Mono-block Amplifier

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Disclaimer:  This amplifier will require an additional charging system to run proficiently. It will run without the additional charging system, but you run the chance of damaging the amplifier and/or not getting the maximum power out of it. The additional charging system includes the Big 3 Upgrade as well as adding an AGM or Lithium car audio battery. All of our amplifiers are AGE tested for an hour before going into stock.

  • High Efficiency Mono-block Class D Amplifier
  • 0 Gauge Set Screw Power Terminals
  • 10 Gauge Set Screw Speaker Terminals
  • Adjustable Subsonic and Low Pass Crossovers
  • Remote Gain Control
  • Strappable
  • Thermal and Speaker Short Protection
  • Heavy-Duty Printed Circuit Board
Dimensions mm (LxWxH)420 x 19 x 57
Dimensions in (LxWxH)16.5 x 7.8 x 2.2
Working Voltage8.5V to 16V
Power @ 4 Ω 14.4V800W
Power @ 2 Ω 14.4V1300W
Power @ 1 Ω 14.4V2300W
Power @ 1 Ω 16V2800W
Frequency Response10Hz - 200Hz
S/N RatioGreater than 80
Damping FactorGreater than 100
Input Sensitivity5V~0.15V
Subsonic Filter10 - 50Hz
Low Pass Filter20Hz - 200Hz

14 reviews for S1-2250 Mono-block Amplifier

  1. Wicked Evil Bass

    You guys are fucin up SoundQubeds 5 star rating on this amp because your upset they raised the price?!?! 2 of you!! It’s called inflation bitches! !? This amp was underpriced at $250 anyway. You want to talk to em about shit like that, email them. This section is for people that already own the amp and wish to tell others how it performs. Jackoffs!! Besides, you guys are gonna cry about $30? I have one and I’m about to get another. I’d pay $300 for this amp all day. Unbelievable!

  2. Anonymous

    You guys should bring the price back down so I can buy it

  3. James

    What happened to the amp being $249 i was looking foward to purchasing this amp.

  4. stylesbydalvero

    Amp runs pretty clean, if you plan on running for long periods of time or extremely hard consider good ventilation and possible cooling fans. It will get hot and shut off. But that’s most amps. Little above qtr volume I can easily get a few hours a play time or more. ..build quality is top notch. Running a pair of hds2-12’s easily in a Yukon, too much pressure keeps the volume down though. So for most folks that’s a great thing. As I say that I plan to buy 2 more and 4 more 12’s….have been installed for 5 months now and love it. I’d recommend it. Very budget friendly and powerful. Make no mistake this is a big boy amp

  5. devin.crewesr (verified owner)

    Best amp I ever owned. I love it. Got it on 2 hds3.1 12’s and they go. Got my Tahoe sounding like I got 4 12’s in there. Don’t hesitate buy it.

  6. Nick m

    This amp is bad ass got it hooked up to a brutal sounds big brute 12 2000rms sub custom box tuned at 33hz man this amp pushes so clean and hard with killer lows my car flex’s like I got multiple subs only one 12 amp was worth every penny soundqube bro all day

  7. Rashad (verified owner)

    Trash..Go korean or go home. Had this amp in my possession for less than 3 months and it blew up twice while being barely pushed for no apparent reason. I had it running on 2 HDS2.1s at 1 ohm. Sent it in for repairs once and it blew up again 3 days later at low volume, tore my vehicle apart to see if it was an issue on my side and I couldn’t find anything. They tried to say it was my ground point…. when its grounded to the frame of the car, from the ground point in the from to the back measured 0-0.1 ohms. I also have a friend running two orion xtr2500.1d’s using the same ground point with no issue. My car has Big 3 done, all OFC 0/2 to the back. 180 Ah worth of batteries and a stock 160 amp alt. Customer support talked a good game on the phone but turned out to be useless in the end after both repairs I would have paid 500 for a 2000 watt Chinese amp, when I told them I wasn’t paying for repairs they sent it back. Been using a Brutal sounds bs2.1 2000w amp that does over rated power and is Korean, and has been working flawlessly and sounds a lot better. Wouldn’t recommend this amp. My advice is pay for the better product the first time instead of wasting money in the long run. I will not be purchasing anything from soundqubed anymore.

  8. Wesley Wickson

    Got the S1-2250 on 2 hds3.1 12s @1ohm and it knocks hard AF in my car !!! Dont hesitate or think twice about placing an order with Soundqubed, great customer service and shipping can’t be matched as quick as I’ve got my orders .can’t wait to get another 2250 and strap them baby beasts to a pair of hdx 15s next

  9. wesrun1

    Cannot say enough about this company. I did alot of research before deciding on Soundqubed and they exceeded my expectations. I got 2 HDS3 15’s and the SL2250. WOW!! Lots of power and they sound so tight clean and crisp. I saw a dyno test done on this amp on YouTube and it exceeded the listed power ratings. Awesome products, customer service and delivery times. I received my packages in 2 day which was 5 days earlier that the scheduled delivery date. Their prices can fit just about anyone’s budget and I dont think you can beat the performance at their prices. I highly recommend SoundQubed. Keep up the great work SQ!!!

  10. Garrett (verified owner)

    I hooked this amplifier up to a single Soundqubed HDC315 in a custom box built from the cut sheets on this website for a single ported 15inch subwoofer.
    The quality and power is unrivaled in the industry. The customer service I receive from Soundqubed is very polite and professional.
    Do yourself a favor and purchase Soundqubed products. You will be very satisfied.

  11. Edy (verified owner)

    I buy this monster and hook up with my 2 piooner champions pro 1000 rms each at 1 ohm on stock alt, big three done and 2 kinetik batterys on the back of my truck sound really good i recomend this amp

  12. Steven (verified owner)

    Bought this amp 2 weeks ago and installed it last night on my 1 hdc4 18. This amp is amazing but my car now hates me lol great amp for the price. Will deff order another one. Keep it up soundqubed

  13. cody.and.yesenia

    What a great amp from a great company! This amp is amazing! Puts out rated power with a nice price tag! I paired it with 4 hds 12’s and it really pushes them! Will go great with the s4-100 i’m going to be ordering! I can not say enough good things about this company! There quality with these prices are just outrageous! I’ve called a few times for some questions on other items and every time i’m stunned at the customer service I receive! Very friendly and willing to do anything to help the customer out with whatever is needed! I will be recommending to everyone and will defiantly be buying more!

  14. William Graham (verified owner)

    I was really hesitant to order this amp due to the power it claims and the price point! Really happy I decided to do it, to be honest. I’m sending my AQ2200 in for repair and needed something to replace it in the meantime. This amp has definitely exceeded my expectations and I cannot tell a difference in power between the two. Just hoping that it lasts as long as the other one that I plan on keeping as a backup once it’s fixed.

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