S1-850 Mono-block Amplifier

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  • High Efficiency Mono-block Class D Amplifier
  • 4 Gauge Set Screw Power Terminals
  • 10 Gauge Set Screw Speaker Terminals
  • Adjustable Subsonic and Low Pass Crossovers
  • Remote Gain Control
  • Strappable
  • Thermal and Speaker Short Protection
  • Heavy-Duty Printed Circuit Board
Dimensions mm (LxWxH)250 x 197 x 57
Dimensions in (LxWxH)9.8 x 7.8 x 2.2
Working Voltage8.5V to 16V
Power @ 4 Ω 14.4V375W
Power @ 2 Ω 14.4V625W
Power @ 1 Ω 14.4V900W
Power @ 1 Ω 16V1070W
Frequency Response10Hz - 200Hz
S/N RatioGreater than 80
Damping FactorGreater than 100
Input Sensitivity5V~0.15V
Subsonic Filter10 - 50Hz
Low Pass Filter20Hz - 200Hz

6 reviews for S1-850 Mono-block Amplifier

  1. Cody scott (verified owner)

    I’ve had my amp for about 5 months now. Always loved sq subs, but I’m not happy with this amp. Straight out of the box the bass knob didn’t work. Turn the knob up 10 percent and it’s maxed out. Seems to clip all the time too. The power really does not feel like 850. I’ve had a jl 500/1 that pounded far harder. I can barely hear my sub that’s in a t-line which requires low power to get loud.

  2. Jeromy (verified owner)

    I love soundqubed subs but not sure on the amps. I previously purchased a 750.1 a few years back and was a good amp. I purchased the 850.1 a few months back had it in my closet for maybe 2months. finally installed it to replace a old Boston Acoustics amp. after install turned the car on blue light came and NOTHING no sound. been doing car audio since I was a teen everything was hooked up fine. I was guna have to ship back and see if they fix it or send a new one. I never got a chance b4 the deadline so said I would try n fix myself. pulled the bottom plate off found that a wire from the inductor to the board wasn’t attached (broken solder joint) put it on my test bench fixed it and there was sound but just a strait hum no matter if there was rcas plugged in or not. the solder work wasn’t the best on the back of the board when I completely pulled it out the housing. was not impressed also felt like it was a refurb only because it just looked kinda dusty when I pulled it out of the plastic and I did only pay $99.99 shipped but hey defects happen coulda been through shipping that caused the solder break but either way should have been a stronger joint? I’ve dropped a couple amps with no protection that still worked fine. I probobly won’t buy SQ amps in the future but still like their subs.

  3. Chance (verified owner)

    I own 2 of these amps, and I absolutely love them! Their power exceeded the ratings, which is always great. They actually ended up overpowering my 1000 watt rms subs. But I’m not mad, that just gives me an excuse to get new subs 😉

  4. Stefan

    Very good value exceeds ratings

  5. jacobm200231 (verified owner)

    Have it hooked up to a HDS2.1 12″ and barely have the gain set to a quarter with my volume at about 75% and it clips?? I literally have to turn it down so much it barely even hits for it not to clip.

  6. walterhicks41971 (verified owner)

    I purchased this baby beast, and im very satisfied with it!! The power that is produced is amazingly more than I thought to push my (3) 10’s!!! I will be buying more in the future!! Soundqubed FTW!!!!!

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