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Home Mobile Electronics Amplifiers U1-13000 + Amp Kits Bundle
U1-13000 + Amp Kits Bundle

U1-13000 + Amp Kits Bundle



This 13000 W full-range amp isn’t for everyone. If you want a monster music demo build, but can’t sacrifice precious space for multiple amplifiers, the U1-13K is definitely for you.

With 13,000 watts from a single channel at 1Ω, this amp is for the audio aficionado striving for stand-out music demos no matter where they play.

This is amplifier is for those with electrical upgrades beyond stock electrical charging systems. Even with that huge number out front, this is not designed as one-note “burp” competition amplifier. If you are competing in musical classes with amplifier limitations, the solution is here.

Drive any 6 HDX4 Series Subwoofer or any 9 HDX3 Series Subwoofers from a single U1-13000. 

Disclaimer: This amplifier will hurt feelings, passengers, and possibly relationships with your neighbors. It requires voltage between 12 and 14.8. Failure to feed it that voltage will result in a lit up protect light, return shipping, and the cost of repairs. 

The 0/1 Gauge Kit was specifically designed with flexibility in mind. Power, speaker, remote turn-on, and RCA cables are all 17 feet long to reach from under the hood to wherever the amplifier is mounted.

The Q-Flex power wire carries power from the vehicle’s battery through a fuse block to the amplifier. The fuse block is connected within 12” of the battery to protect your battery, audio system, and vehicle. The ground wire runs from the amplifier to the vehicle’s frame.

If you have a factory stereo (head unit), make sure it has RCA speaker-level outputs, and remote sensing. You’ll need these to be able to connect the RCA and remote turn-on cables directly to the head unit.

Wattage13,500 Watts
Test Voltage14.4V
Cont Wattage @ 4ohm5,200
Cont Wattage @ 2ohm8,100
Cont Wattage @ 1ohm13,500
S/N Ration>100dB
Input Voltage Sensitivity8 - 0.2
Power Wire Gauge - In(2) 1/0
Speaker Wire Gauge - Out8
Diminesions (in)19.4 x 8.9 x 2.6
Dimensions (mm)492 x 225 x 66