Q-Flex Zero Gauge Wire (1/0 AWG), 50 Foot Spool

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Zero-gauge wire is crucial to large installs. This 50 foot spool is the same wire found in our Q-AK-0 kit and is made with TruGauge wire wrapped in our translucent Q-Flex insulator. This wire was specifically designed with high power and flexibility in mind. Wire large amps, such as the Q1-2200 or Q1-4500, with confidence using Q-Flex zero-gauge wire.

2 reviews for Q-Flex Zero Gauge Wire (1/0 AWG), 50 Foot Spool

  1. Kale

    You’d be wasting money on any other wire! The outer shell is super soft and more flexible than you’d expect. 0 gauge is on point, nice fine strand wire I’d even say a hair oversized. I bought the full amp kit and happy with everything included. I’m a customer from now on.

  2. Rafael

    I don’t know why you would buy any one else’s wire. It’s not advertised as 2/0 but it is definitely that and then some. Perfect for 2/0 sky high car audio terminals but hella cost effective compared to other brands

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