Improve your car stereo performance without touching a wire, speaker, or battery.

Speakers, road noise, and other cars create sound waves. 

Sound waves cause things around them to vibrate and rattle. Like door panels, or any panel really. These waves translate into vibrations when they reach the sheet metal of your car. 

Those vibrating panels flex and return hundreds to thousands of times per second. 

This back and forth flexing creates undesirable rattles that travel throughout your vehicle, raising the noise floor you and your passengers experience. This is why high-end car engineers spend so much time and money adding extra sound proofing. Lowering the external sounds and vibrations makes for a more pleasant driving experience.  

This lowered noise floor greatly enhances our music experience. The overall volume can be lowered while at the same time, hearing more of the fine detail in our favorite recordings.

Q-Mat dampens vibrations in your car before they reach your vehicle’s panels by absorbing the shock of the sound waves. Reducing the vibration the sheet metal receives keeps your panels right in place. 

Q-Mat Sound Deadener absorbs sound waves, reducing the volume of unwanted noise in your car, and avoiding disruptive rattles. Engine, road, and exhaust noises are noticeably diminished with proper sound deadening insulation.

If you have added a huge amount of acoustic energy by installing your big bass system, Q-Mat installation decreases the resonance, vibrations and coloration that your car’s metal is now experiencing. 

This creates a lower stress environment to enjoy, less fatiguing drives, less background noise, and greater audio quality. 

Dampening improves sound quality.

You’ll love the way your car sounds after installing Q-Mat automotive sound deadening material. 

SoundQubed Q-Mat Sound Dampener is made with 2.2mm (86 Mil) Butyl Deadener and silver aluminum. This is 10-20% more thickness than you will get from other sound dampening material, AND for less cost than most any other dampening material.

With the right sound deadening in place, there will be an increase in sound pressure levels and dynamic range. 

Music sounds better without background noise. Improve your listening and driving experience today with Q-Mat Sound Dampener.

Disclaimer: This will NOT stop your significant other from complaining about how much time you spent with your system.