Get levels right with the SRMT remote gain control knob

Gain and volume are not the same.

Volume is a measurement of the output of your car stereo system, after processing, in decibels. It is the loudness of the signal that you hear.

Gain adjusts the amplitude of an input signal before it is processed. It functions as the voltage multiplier of an audio system and is a representation of input sensitivity. 

Both can greatly affect the quality of your system’s sound. 

Setting your gains incorrectly not only reduces sound quality but can also clip your new gear. 

Your car audio amplifiers require tuning and setting amp gain correctly is a vital aspect of that. 

A bass knob attenuates the input signal strength of your amplifier to match and accept the head unit’s output signal. 

Set your Amp to match your headunit and maximize the head room for your volume controls. If this is not set correctly, you will not be able to turn your volume up very far before your system starts clipping.

You want to keep your gain under control because as you increase the sensitivity of your amplifier, the noise floor comes up with it. This noise floor changes from below the threshold of audible tones to distortion and clipping levels.

If the gain is set too low, background noise and HISS will take over your sound. If it is set too high, the car speakers will distort and clip at normal volume levels when you play music.

The SRMT affords you the ability to adjust your gain settings as you use different sources with different levels. 

For instance, an album from the 1960’s will require a higher gain setting than a rebassed track with the bass boosted by 20dB to achieve the same volume during playback. 

So if you had your amplifier set for the 60’s track and then played a rebassed track without adjusting your amp settings, your system would probably be clipping to death. 

Setting the gain right for optimal signal strength cannot be understated. 

The SRMT attenuates the input level of your SoundQubed amplifier, providing the ability to adjust your gain settings for variance in signal strength, which gives you the control to keep your system from clipping or playing at dangerously low voltage levels. 

The unit installs in an easy location and connects to your amplifier with an included cable. 

All SoundQubed monoblock amplifiers include this remote control. Each knob comes with a connection cable for convenient bass control.

The “clipping” LED alerts you of heat buildup in your car stereo system. 

Clipping signals can cause heat buildup in your subwoofer voice coils, as well as damage to the circuitry inside the amplifier. This control unit gives you the ability to prevent clipping signals. 

With the SRMT, you can make on-the-go adjustments to avoid damage to your amplifier, subwoofer, and/or speaker system. This is especially useful if you listen to a wide variety of musical styles, such as Golden Oldies, heavy metal, and re-bassed hip hop.

If you see the Clipping Indicator flash every once in a while, it is probably safe to continue playing your music at the current levels. 

If your Clipping Indicator is lit and stays lit half the time or more, then it is time to adjust your SRMT or adjust the gain settings on your amp before the strain kills your amplifier and electrical system.

The SRMT is a must-have to keep your car sound system safe. The dedicated knob makes setting your gain easy so you’ll be able to enjoy your system for years to come.