What is a subwoofer?


Subwoofers give life and energy to all frequencies and make music more enjoyable and life-like. Low bass frequencies can contain vital ambient information with spatial cues to the size and volume of the recording venue.

Music without bass isn’t as informative, emotional or fun. Deep bass creates space, a feeling of room size, and unified tones that no number of midrange drivers or tweeters can produce.

Most stock speakers start dropping off in the 50Hz range, depriving you of a full-range listening experience and clean lower register tones. Subwoofers deliver the “low end” in a car audio system in a way your factory speakers are not able to.

In this lowest frequency range, you can feel the pulse of the music. Whether you want to be loud enough for car audio competitions or just fill out the tone missing from your car stereo system, the right subwoofer configuration can achieve it and certify that you never miss another bassy beat.

You can add a single or multiple subwoofers to your car’s factory audio system for an immediate improvement in sound quality. To choose a subwoofer configuration, you’ll first need to know your available amplifier power. Once you decide on subs, you’ll need to build an enclosure designed for your available space and subwoofers.

Additionally, a high-power system may require upgrading your vehicle’s charging system with a BIG 3 upgrade, as well as an upgraded alternator and lithium or other high powered battery.

SoundQubed subs are classified in “power bands” based on their RMS power handling rating.

  • The HDS Series.
    • HDS2 is a 2.5″ coil with ___ power handling
    • HDS3 is a 3″ coil with ___ power rating
  • The HDX Series
    • HDX3
    • HDX4

The motor of the sub is what effects the power handling. Any frame size in the same motor structure will handle that power range.

If you’re just starting out in-car audio, you can get loud on a budget with solid basic system design. For help with wiring your subwoofers, including downloadable diagrams, click here.

Find the right SoundQubed subwoofer for your car today!