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SRMT Remote Gain Control Knob

If the gain is set too low, background noise and HISS will take over your sound. If the gain is set too high, the car speakers will distort and clip at normal volume levels when you play music.

Clipping Signals

What is Clipping? The term “clipping signal” refers to the flat shape of a waveform when the amplitude (height) of the wave passes the peak voltage. The power output is much greater than...

Amplifier Wiring and Setting the Gain Level

This guide will help you through wiring and setting gain levels on your car audio amp. Using the instructions below, you should be able to get the most from your system while...

Amp Setup Instructions

Set up your car audio amp for great performance Avoid harmful clipping signals by following these easy instructions: 1. Set LPF to 1-2 O'clock2. Set Subsonic to 10-11 O'clock3. Set Main/Strap switch to “Main”4....

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