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Do you need a Second Battery for Car Audio?

Your stock electrical charging system was designed and built for the stock features of your car. Whether you need a second battery for car audio is determined by your application and by how much power your amplifiers are using.

Why do you need a High Output Alternator?

Relying on a stock electrical system for the massive amperage that car audio amplifiers require, while still supplying your vehicle with the current it needs will result in low voltage and other problems. High Output Alternators increase the amperage of your system.

The Big Three Wiring Upgrade

The first and easiest solution to amperage issues is the Big Three Wiring upgrade. This is an upgrade to your existing electrical system wiring. It is the least expensive upgrade under the hood. 

Installing Your First Car Amplifier

Purchasing your first amp was fun but now what? You’ve heard your friends' car systems and are ready for your own. Let's turn your daily driver into a rolling THUMP machine and install your...

How to Ground Your New Amplifier

Your ground wire is crucial. It can save or destroy your system, so it's important to get this step right. You'll want to set your ground wire as close to your amplifier as popular, using the same gauge wire as your power wire.

Q-Mat Sound Deadener will change your life and save you money

Q-Mat dampens vibrations in your car before they reach your vehicle’s panels by absorbing the shock of the sound waves. Reducing the vibration the sheet metal receives keeps your panels right in place.

SRMT Remote Gain Control Knob

If the gain is set too low, background noise and HISS will take over your sound. If the gain is set too high, the car speakers will distort and clip at normal volume levels when you play music.

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