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Here’s how Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro stacks up against the competition

Apple announced a new version of its popular 13-inch MacBook Pro, replacing the much-maligned butterfly switch keyboard with its new “Magic Keyboard” that’s used on the 16-inch MacBook Pro and...

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What is a Class AB Amplifier?

It helps to know what A and B classes are to appreciate why AB is important for car audio. The distinguishing factors of an amplifier category include linearity, efficiency, and power output.

Lance and Krystal Clark’s ‘Zippy’

Lance and Krystal's system was designed around the idea of using an entry-level product line to show everyday consumers and novice car audio enthusiasts that you don't have to break the bank to go to shows, win, and have fun doing it.

What is a Class D Amplifier?

When size and efficiency matter, opt for Class D Amplifiers. SoundQubed offers a stellar selection of Class D Monoblock Amps with an affordable S Series line for daily drivers and a Q Series line for competitive bassheads.