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SRMT Remote Gain Control Knob

If the gain is set too low, background noise and HISS will take over your sound. If the gain is set too high, the car speakers will distort and clip at normal volume levels when you play music.

How to Make Your Own Turntable for Reconing Subwoofers

SoundQubed presents - How to make your own turntable for reconing subwoofers. First, you’re going to need some supplies...ready...set...go! You’ll need: A piece of MDF or plywood Lazy SusanRubber feet A piece of an old surround, or...

Subwoofer Break-In What, Why and How?

"Do I really need to break in my subwoofer?" Some woofers such as PA and studio may not require break-in due to having high compliance suspension. These speakers do not see an appreciative...

Box Size and Tuning

Getting high performance from your SoundQubed subwoofers depends largely on the box size and tuning. Without enough air, a subwoofer will “choke” and the performance will suffer noticeably!

High-Performance Enclosure Design

Tiny subs in tiny boxes give you a sound that’s…well, tiny. If you are looking for real bass, you need a real box. In this post, you’ll learn about how to create...

Subwoofer Displacement

The displacement of a subwoofer is the amount of air space the subwoofer itself takes up. Once the subwoofer is in place, this amount of air is no longer available inside the enclosure....

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Eric Goodman’s HDX312 Build

Eric wanted a good bandwidth for listening to music as well as strong SPL. He found a way to achieve his goals in a unique, DIY way. To accomplish both of these two goals, Eric built two ports. One port is is tuned to 58Hz for SPL BURPS and the second port is tuned around 26Hz for low bass and hair tricks.

Marcus Strayer’s JuiceBox Enclosures

Marcus Thayer loves car audio and art. His passion lies in the art and the construction of enclosures. He's built hundreds of boxes and he makes each one unique.

Darin Zunski’s HDS3.1 Enclosure

Darin Zunski has always loved the interplay of audio and visual elements. He got his start working in show production, installing and operating audio and video equipment.