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SRMT Remote Gain Control Knob

If the gain is set too low, background noise and HISS will take over your sound. If the gain is set too high, the car speakers will distort and clip at normal volume levels when you play music.

How to Make Your Own Turntable for Reconing Subwoofers

To install a recone the easy way, you're going to need a turntable (a.k.a. "Lazy Susan" unless your significant other's name is "Susan"). These turntables come in handy for cleaning frames before...

Subwoofer Break-In What, Why and How?

"Do I really need to break in my subwoofer?" Some woofers, such as PA and studio are ready to play at RMS wattage out of the box, due to having high compliance suspension....

Subwoofer Displacement

The displacement of a subwoofer is the amount of air space the subwoofer itself takes up. Once the subwoofer is in place, this amount of air is no longer available inside the enclosure....

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