U-Series Amplifiers

Want more from your car stereo? “U” got it!

Need more bass? U got it. Need more power from your amplifier? U got it.

Is your goal is to build a groundpounding demo machine that generates hurricanes, hairtricks, and raises hell in general?

The SoundQubed Utility Series Amplifiers provide massive power from a tiny footprint. These full-range amplifiers are powerful, stable, and leave ample space in the vehicle for enclosures, speakers, and anything your kids left in the back seat. Get ready for the demo of a lifetime with full-range and 1-ohm stability. 

What makes the U-Series different

Unlike monoblock amplifiers, U Series amps are designed to drive more than just your sub stage. The Utility Series amps are not designed for competition burps*. They’re made to drive the full frequency range of music. With filtering and crossover settings, they can be configured for a variety of system designs. Because of their high output, the U Series are ideal for “groundpounders” or music demo systems.

U Series Amplifier models include:


  • 1-ohm stability
  • Daisy chainable with pass-through channel
  • Full-range versatility
  • Very high, cost-effective power output ($/Watt)
  • Small form factor
  • Remote included

The Fine Print

Knowing the specs of your charging system is crucial to running a full-range amplifier. We do not recommend running the Utility series on stock electrical charging systems. Alternator upgrades, the Big 3 wiring upgrade, and added battery capacity will help avoid damaging drops in voltage and/or current. The U Series Amplifiers require between 12-14.8 V from the charging system. AGM 12V batteries are a good fit. Lithium batteries that don’t require high voltage are also a good choice when running a full-range amp.

*sustained loud burst of a single tone