A full system, full range solution

Sub too loud? Multi-channel amps are here to save your sound.

It’s not just you. Loud music sounds better to just about everyone.

Loud music is energy, excitement, and emotion. It brings people together, and creates shared experiences. Whether in a club, concert hall, or place of worship, immersive, full-range listening experiences can transport us to other places and times.

The powerful sensation of loud sounds vibrating your body gives you the freedom to block out unwanted noise and bask in aural bliss. Why not enjoy that escape with every drive?

So you’ve added a sub. Higher volumes transform listening into a physical experience. Low-range frequencies from a subwoofer deliver the sound pressure necessary so you feel the pulse of the music.

Adding a subwoofer is a great step toward full-range sound quality. A side effect of this is that factory door speakers seem to lose their “oomph” next to a booming subwoofer. 

A multiple channel amplifier is the tool you need to balance the BOOM of your sub stage.

Driving component midrange speakers and tweeters independently gives you the control you need to match the impact of a subwoofer with warmth and clarity throughout the frequency range.

Unlike a monoblock amplifier, multiple channel amps can drive power to more than one speaker. Because they can power more than one speaker, multiple channel amps are ideal for upgrading to component speakers, or replacing factory coaxial speakers and adding a subwoofer to your car audio system.

When upgrading your car audio system from stock door speakers to SoundQubed component speakers, a multi-channel amp can split power between sets of speakers.

If you’re new to car audio and can only purchase one amplifier at a time, try this. Buy a multiple channel amplifier first and use it to power a subwoofer as well as other speakers, before you purchase your monoblock amp.

This is not the ideal method for powering subwoofers as multiple channel amplifiers like the S4-100 cannot be wired below 4 Ohm when bridged. Be careful to avoid sending the subwoofer a clipped signal.

SoundQubed multiple-channel amplifiers make life sound better. The nuances of high and low-frequency speakers become more clear as volume increases and the dynamics swell with the loudness. You start to appreciate the full frequency range as those subtleties come to life.

Crossover filtering lets you limit the frequency ranges of your midrange speakers and tweeters, allowing them do what they do best. You can use these settings to dial in sonorous warmth across the midrange, and crisp clarity across high frequencies.

This level of control unveils emotionality and presence in your listening experience, especially when hearing details of the human voice is a priority.

Balancing deep, thunderous bass with strong mid-range and highs can provide the audio quality you want out of your car amplifier and speakers with SoundQubed Multi-Channel Amplifiers! Enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard with a SoundQubed multi-channel amp.

Disclaimer: Music is never too loud. It is always where it needs to be. Unless it makes you close your eyes while driving.