Most stock factory speakers leave a little bit to be desired. 

The bulk of stock speakers, including most premium OEM systems, have a flat and lifeless tone. 

They’re built to add some sound to your car. That sound may not necessarily be high quality or capable of faithful audio reproduction. Furthermore, they will be much less capable of providing you with phenomenal listening experiences.

And that makes sense, too. 

Auto manufacturers are not in the business of building audio systems and the audio systems they use will be designed for cost savings.

Stock speakers are made from cheaper materials, which means they will quickly burn out and tear when they are pushed hard.

Stock speakers don’t deliver much bass response and the bass that they do deliver distorts pretty easily. 

The treble response from most factory car and truck stereo systems can be equally feeble, with vocals that do not sound clear and instrumentation that sounds muted.

If you’re thinking of adding a Mids and Highs amp like the S4-100 or Q4-150 to the mix, your stock speakers will not last long.

SoundQubed speakers can drastically improve your car stereo system’s sound quality. 

The right aftermarket speakers will produce vocals with greater clarity, and leave brighter highs from cymbals and guitar solos. Upgrading your stock factory door speakers results in a little bit more energy to the whole mix.

If your vehicle has seen some miles, there is a decent chance that your factory speakers are starting to deteriorate. A door speaker swap will reinvigorate your car stereo. Ready to make morning commutes more enjoyable and adding value to your drive?

Aftermarket speakers like the QSX Coaxials are designed for faithful audio reproduction and can handle much more power than stock speakers can.

Upgrading your speakers is inexpensive and easy.

Swapping out door speakers is one of the easiest and cost-effective things you can do to improve your car audio system’s performance. Compared to subwoofer systems with enclosures and walls, this is also the least costly car audio upgrade.

Your vehicle probably has 6 ½” or 6” X 9” door speakers. These can be replaced with Soundqubed QSX-652 or QSX-692 Coaxial speakers, the QS-6.5 300 Watt Component Set, or the QP-MR6.5 Component Speakers. 

All of these options have slightly different applications. 

  1. The Coaxial route is definitely the easiest option for daily drivers and bass beginners. These two-way coaxial speakers have a built in tweeter so you will only need to install and wire one unit per door. 
  2. If you’re looking for a sound upgrade but don’t want to mess with your car’s electrical charging system or wiring, and you want to leave your factory head unit in place, consider replacing your factory speakers with 6.5″ or 6″ X 9″ Soundqubed Coaxial Speakers.
  3. Direct replacements with the same speaker dimensions are the easiest car audio upgrade available- and the least costly!
QSX-652 Coaxial Door Speakers
SoundQubed QSX-652 Coaxial Speakers
  1. The QS-6.5’s require a little bit more work. They include 6.5” Component Speakers, a 25mm Silk Dome Tweeter, and external crossovers.
  2. This will provide an even greater listening experience than the coaxial speakers. The directional tweeters can be installed in the ideal location for off-axis response, while the mid woofers play omnidirectional mid bass.
  3. This option is suitable for daily drivers, audiophiles, and SPL builds.
SoundQubed QS-6.5 300-Watt Component Set
  1. What about heavy bass rides and car audio competitors in search of the right treble and mids to balance the bass?
  2. If you’re running a pair of HDX4’s, you’ll need a midrange that rattles and treble that screams in order to balance your substage.
  3. The QP-MR6.5’s and QP-MR8’s are perfect for this. Pair a few sets of them with the Soundqubed QP-TH25 Super Tweeters for a well rounded mix.
  4. You’ll feel and hear the low end, mid range, and high end of your music the way it was meant to be heard.
SoundQubed QP-MR6.5 Component Speakers

Whether you’re a basshead or someone who simply loves music, upgrading your door speakers is an easy, low-cost way to add joy to your drive!