12" HDX3 Series Subwoofer


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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Power Handling:
1500 Watt RMS, 4500 Watt Peak Power (Burps Only)
Coil Size:
3" Voice Coil
Frame Structure:
Cast Frame
Direct leads
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Product Overview

The HDX3 series heavy-duty subwoofer is well suited for use as a competition subwoofer with a beefy, monstrous, made in the USA dual voice coil! Find it in 12 inch, 15 inch and 18 inch sizes!

The HDX3 can handle 1500 Watts RMS power and 4500 Watts Peak power for burps.

HDX3’s motor features a thick top plate, high motor force, and a tight gap for high-efficiency speaker design. A taller 4-spoke, cast aluminum frame makes room for a larger diameter spider for lower tuning and greater accuracy. The larger diameter spider’s new roll profile allows for low F’s without sacrificing power handling or control.

The HDX3’s taller and wider surround allows for even more precise excursion and new pulp-blend cones are stronger than previous fiberglass-laminate designs- And they’re lighter too!

We are ditching the stitching on the 1500 Watt Power Band.
Other improvements over the HDC series subwoofers include the presence of a thicker, more robust aluminum former, as well as black anodizing. Double slit venting and a higher temperature resin are included for increased cooling abilities, enhanced performance, and a longer subwoofer life.


Model HDX312 HDX315 HDX318
RMS Power 1500 W  1500 W  1500 W
Peak Power 4500 W  4500 W  4500 W
Magnet Weight 300 oz  300 oz  300 oz
Coil Diameter 3"  3"  3"
Coil Length 50 mm  50 mm  50 mm
Usable Throw 68 mm  68 mm  68 mm
Woofer Size 12" 15" 18"
F(s) 26.92 Hz 26 Hz 27.59 Hz
Impedance D1 / D2 D1 / D2 D1 / D2
Z(max) 70.16 Ohm 63.8 Ohm 55.47 Ohm
Q(ms) 4.95 4.847 5.777
Q(es) 0.3409 0.3665 0.4724
Q(ts) 0.3189 0.3408 0.4367
V(as) 28.59 Liters 78.08 Liters 168.6 Liters
L(e) 2.553 2.711 2.563
n(0) 15.60% 33.96% 71.46%
M(ms) 440.9 grams 472.8 grams 410.9 grams
C(ms) 0.079 0.082 0.081
Sensitivity 1W/1m 84.03 dB 87.41 dB 90.64 dB
BL 31.45 30.49 25.14
Xmax 36mm 36mm 36mm
Sd 0.051 m2 0.082 m2 .121 m2
Displacement 0.16³ 0.18³ 0.23³
Mounting Depth 8 7/8" 9 1/2" 10.5"
Circle Cutout 11 1/2" 13 7/8" 16 9/16"
Ported Enclosure (Cu Ft): 1.75-2.75 FT³ 3-6 FT³ 5-7 FT³

Warranty Information

SoundQubed warrants all products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for normal use and service for a period of time not to exceed 12 months for subwoofers, components, earbuds and coaxial and 12 months for amplifiers from the original date of retail purchase. Parts returned must be determined by SoundQubed to be defective prior to any warranty credit or replacement is issued. SoundQubed’s obligation under warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at its discretion, any part proven defective. The customer must prepay transportation charges. Final determination of the suitability of the products for the use contemplated by the buyer is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Warranties are non transferable. Warranty Exclusions Burnt or open coils Customer abuse or competition use and power in excess of rating Amplifiers used in competition or run below rated ohm loads or voltage Improper wiring, including size/gauge, paths, termination method, and series/parallel configuration SoundQubed shall not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that might be claimed as a result of the failure of any part, including claims for delay, loss of profits, or labor SoundQubed shall not be liable for any damages or injuries to persons or property resulting from improper installation or misuse of any part subject to this warranty THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED EXTENDING BEYOND THOSE SET FORTH ABOVE


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