You won’t settle for anything less than an ideal listening experience, so why settle for anything less than the best in your car? Loud music gets you going when your body and mind are fatigued. It can help energize, excite, and get you into what you’re doing with a pulse you can feel.

Life is too short to endure one more morning commute with muffled factory car speakers in your vehicle.

New to Car Audio?

If you’re new to car audio, it can be a confusing world. It may seem that there are a thousand ways to do everything and that’s because there are nearly a thousand ways to do anything with car audio.

We spend a lot of time in our cars, and much of that time is (or should be) devoted to immersing ourselves in a sea of aural bliss. Unfortunately, most automotive manufacturers cheap out on audio components- Even with “premium” OEM systems. 

Since listening to music can be a radically adaptive experience, meaning that what we hear the most often becomes the norm, we may not notice how poorly that 20 watt head unit and paper thing door speakers sound until after we replace them with high quality audio components. 

Because of this, many drivers endure a subpar automotive audio reproduction. 

Music is polyphonic- the melody and the vocals are carried out in the highest range with the rhythm at the lowest frequencies. Tinny stock car speakers can be easily overwhelmed by a quality subwoofer. 

Don’t your door speakers deserve the same love and quality materials in their form as your subwoofer?

While your new car may be fun to drive, the manufacturer’s attention to detail under the hood and the car stereo are not equally applied. OEM’s typically install flimsy sounding coaxials designed for cost- not for sound quality or loudness. Even Premium stock car stereo systems typically skimp on quality in favor of cost reduction. 

You won’t settle for anything less than an ideal listening experience, so why settle for anything less than the best in your car? Loud music gets you going when your body and mind are fatigued; it can help energize, excite you and get you into what you’re doing with a pulse you can feel.

Music makes you feel good!  It translates into fun and happy memories. Every time you hear that familiar string of sounds in your favorite track, it conjures up those feelings again. It can change your world. 

Regardless of the mood and context, tunes enhance what we are feeling. 

The good news is that with a little bit of research, time, and gear, your car or truck sound system can provide a sophisticated, rich and full range stereo listening experience!

Let’s start with the speakers in your doors, dash and rear deck. 

These might be component speakers, especially if you’ve got tweeters in the dash or in the A Pillar. 

If you do not have tweeters in the dash or A Pillar, your door speakers are probably coaxial speakers. Your rear deck speakers will most likely match what you have in the front doors.

Coaxial Speakers

Coaxial speakers are two-way speakers with a tweeter placed in front of the mid-woofer in a single structure, which allows for a smaller footprint. These are the most common car speakers.

Coaxial speakers are also called full range speakers because of their discreet tweeters. They can handle all the frequencies in the spectrum. Coaxials can do so without the need for a mids and highs amplifier, but they’ll sound even better with an S4-100 multiple channel amp!

Their two-way design makes installing them a little bit easier than component speaker systems since you will not have to wire tweeters or crossovers. This saves time, space, and wire as opposed to wiring a three-way component system. 

The trade-off of using coaxial speakers is a mild reduction in sound quality when compared to the possibilities of component speakers in the right locations, with the right crossover and amp tuning.

When you install your new SoundQubed Coaxial Speakers, you’ll notice a world of difference as the dynamic nuances and subtleties of your music are brought to life. 

Component Speakers

Component speakers are designed for the best possible sound reproduction via dedicated speakers with single drivers. These are speakers designed to play a more specific, dedicated bandwidth than full range speakers can accommodate. This results in better off-axis response when amplifiers and crossovers are tuned and installed correctly. 

Component speaker sets play a full range, from high frequencies to midrange tones and include a separate woofer and tweeter, with an added crossover. This creates a fuller, clearer sound that you can easily fine tune for your build and listening preferences. Because the tweeter is separate, you can install it where it will deliver sound more directly to the listener, such as in your dash, in the A pillars, or in the sail pillars, where it is closest to your ears.

One of the benefits of using component speaker systems is flexibility of the installation location. 

Since the tweeter is directional and not attached to the midwoofer, these can be installed in the Dashboard or in the A Pillar.  As opposed to the door panel, where the vocals and other high range instrumentation would be playing to your knees, the A Pillar and dash provide the optimal site for the tweeters, where they can be enjoyed 

On the other hand, mid-woofers, which predominantly play mid-bass frequencies, are not as directional and can use the air space of your doors to function.  

When you install your new SoundQubed component speaker system, you’ll experience a system that makes your adrenaline rise in time with the rhythm of your favorite songs.

Whichever route you choose, installing quality aftermarket speakers in the dash and doors will bring your vehicles sound system to life and open up new sonic worlds for you to enjoy. 

Bass will sound tighter and deeper as you begin to enjoy elements of music you love but haven’t been able to hear on the road before. Guitars and keyboards will sound brighter, stronger and more emotional. 

With the right Component Speakers, vocals won’t lose their emotional resonance and you’ll be able to hear every dynamic element in the mix!