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We are a distributor of curated products for sound, video, lighting. We are your trusted provider of parts and products you need to bring the sound, video and lighting to your home, play, and work grounds. We test and vet the products you are looking for so you can rest assured. SoundQubed focuses on fostering confidence and technical knowledge to empower our customers to complete inspiring projects. SoundQubed is also developing educational initiatives to help a new generation earn careers in custom mobile audio.

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The Big Three Wiring Upgrade as seen underneath the hood of a 1997 Suburban.

The Big Three Wiring Upgrade

To think about it like water pressure: If your wiring is a straw that allows for 100 PSI, and your car uses 90-95 PSI, there isn’t much pressure left in the straw for your amp. This will result in poor performance, amplifiers illuminating the dreaded red light, and headlight dimming.

What is a Class AB Amplifier?

It helps to know what A and B classes are to appreciate why AB is important for car audio. The distinguishing factors of an amplifier category include linearity, efficiency, and power output.

Lance and Krystal Clark’s ‘Zippy’

Lance and Krystal's system was designed around the idea of using an entry-level product line to show everyday consumers and novice car audio enthusiasts that you don't have to break the bank to go to shows, win, and have fun doing it.
Q1-4500.1 Monoblock Class D Amplifier Internal Components

What is a Class D Amplifier?

When size and efficiency matter, opt for Class D Amplifiers. SoundQubed offers a stellar selection of Class D Monoblock Amps with an affordable S Series line for daily drivers and a Q Series line for competitive bassheads.
VM-1 Voltage Meter displaying Low Voltage.

Why are my Headlights Dimming?

If you are experiencing headlight dimming after installing your first amplifier, use this handy guide to pinpoint the problem.
Four Q1-4500.1 Monoblock Amplifiers installed in a trunk with a battery bank.

What is a Monoblock Amplifier?

Since they lack left-right separation, a mono amp alone can’t reproduce stereo signals. Your Mono Amp has two speaker inputs so you can utilize series and parallel wiring methods to achieve your desired impedance level.

Installing Your First Car Amplifier

Purchasing your first amp was fun but now what? You’ve heard your friends' car systems and are ready...
SoundQubed Q1-2200.2 Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier installed in a vehicle.

How to Ground Your New Amplifier

Your ground wire is crucial. It can save or destroy your system, so it's important to get this step right. You'll want to set your ground wire as close to your amplifier as popular, using the same gauge wire as your power wire.