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About SQ

We are a distributor of curated products for sound, video, lighting. We are your trusted provider of parts and products you need to bring the sound, video and lighting to your home, play, and work grounds. We test and vet the products you are looking for so you can rest assured. SoundQubed focuses on fostering confidence and technical knowledge to empower our customers to complete inspiring projects. SoundQubed is also developing educational initiatives to help a new generation earn careers in custom mobile audio.

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Welcome to the Builder Que

The SoundQubed Builder Que is our way of showcasing the hard work, planning, and time you’ve put into your vehicle so others...

Q-Mat Sound Deadener will change your life and save you money

Improve your car stereo performance without touching a wire, speaker, or battery. Speakers, road noise, and other cars...

SRMT Remote Gain Control Knob

Get levels right with the SRMT remote gain control knob Gain and volume are not the same.
Glowe Exterior LED Bluetooth Kit with Wheel Well Add-On installed on an older model Suburban

Glowe Industries Exterior LED Car Kits

If you’ve held off on installing an underglow kit because you don’t want to drill into your vehicles frame, your time has...

Interior Glowe LED Car Kits, available exclusively at SoundQubed

Car audio competitions are about engineering, physics, and design.  And attracting attention for being the biggest, loudest, best, and...
Qs-6.5 300-Watt Component Set installed in custom door pods

QS-6.5 300-Watt Component Speaker Set

High powered component system seeking audiophile for LTR You: Obsessed with sound quality, ready to commit, willing to customize...

Hot Wheels Birthday Party

Isaac asked his foster Mom for a Hot Wheels birthday. He was turning 7 and a traditional birthday was not possible because...

About Glowe Industries Interior and Exterior LED Lighting Kits

GLOWE LED kits utilize the newest technologies available. With two different controller options (Wi-fi, Bluetooth) you have the ability to decide which...