Soundqubed 4 gauge CCA Power Wire Black -by the foot-


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Product Overview

Soundqubed 4 Gauge Power Wire, Green. The best, most affordable, car audio wire out there. This CCA wire is a true AWG 4 power or ground wire with a matte finish for increased flexability. CCA Wire is Copper Clad Aluminum and is provided as a very affordable, yet durable option for your audio setup. With 17' of our 4 gauge CCA wire being able to withstand up to 150 amps of current. 

Quantity 1 = 1 foot of CCA wire


Outer PVC jacket thickness O.D. = 10.6 mm thick

Inside Diameter Thickness = 6.5 mm thick

Warranty Information

This product does carry a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This product being a wearable item over time, Soundqubed LLC does require the item be sent in for inspection prior to any approvals of warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review