4 Gauge Soundqubed Ring Terminals (3/8" hole)


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Product Overview

This listing is for 10 pack of lugs. This includes 10 pieces of 4 Gauge Soundqubed Ring Terminals with heat shrink of your choice. Wether it be a 5 pack of black and a 5 pack green heat shrink. Or, all black or all green, Soundqubed has you covered. 
- 10 Ring Terminals 4 Gauge Lugs
- 10 Heat Shrink tubes for terminals (Your choice Black/Black, Green/Black, Green/Green)
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Warranty Information

Due to these being a usable item, returns can ONLY be in new condition and not used. As soon as any one of these items is differed from brand new, the items are yours.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review